About Blitberry

Blitberry was born out of the simple desire to discover more books by Black authors. To be honest, I'm a little obsessed with subscription services myself. At one time I had everything from make-up to vegan snacks being delivered to my home! I enjoyed the convenience and the excitement of receiving "surprises" in the mail every month!  

In spring of 2016, I began to seek out books by Black 20th century authors. After the horrors the black community experienced in 2015, I wanted to read the stories of people who had survived the Jim Crow and Civil Rights eras. Men and Women, who not only fought the good fight but in some instances, won. How did they deal with the oppression that had now crept upon our generation and shown itself anew? I needed Ella Baker, I needed Fannie Lou, I needed Malcolm and Martin, I needed Coretta. I was in search for a bridge to the strength they had so excellently and valiantly maintained. Of course, I found that bridge in books. I have to admit, at that time I was not the avid book reader I once was in high school and college or even my early adult life. However, what the stories of these remarkable people and did for me was a gift, and that's the type of gift  I want to share with you.

I believe there is a need for us discover stories about Black people by Black people in literature today. There is power in the sharing of ideas, knowledge and the stories of Black lives. I want to deliver these books to you and your family in hopes that you would read them, love them, read them again and pass them on.  Our mission is to deliver beautiful boxes that hold delicious artisan snacks, useful bookish goods and most importantly, books that cross all genres, by talented contemporary authors of African descent.

Sharie Grant

Creator & Curator

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